Awesome Twitter tool

I’ve been working on a little pet project for a while that has taken on a mind of its own. Last year, I was posed with the challenge of creating an easy way to take a large chunk of text (large as in LARGE, like the Tanakh, Large) and break it down into 140 character parts. The idea would be to tweet the entirety of a book, or a chapter of a book in a way where:

1) People that you’re tweeting to know how far into your tweeting you are.
2) All of the tweets include a hashtag so that they can be easily found.

Hence, the Twitter #Torah Tool was born.

It’s a pretty nifty little thing. You paste in the text that you want to cut into 140 character chunks into the top box, and it slices and dices it for you and plops it into the bottom box. You can then take those chunks and tweet away! One bonus that I added was the ability to embed this tool on your own website.

EDIT: This project has been retired.

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