Web Apps That Keep Me Going

I’m all over the web all-the-time, and I’ve found some pretty cool things along the way that really help me to do what I need to get done.

Here’s a few lesser known web apps that I’ve integrated into my daily freelance workflow, and honestly would be lost without:

drop.ioDrop.io: This is literally one of the coolest things on the web that I’ve seen. “Simple Private real-time sharing,” is what they say. “Super awesome and can’t-live-without-it” is what I say. This thing boasts upload/downloads/view online of files, voicemail, subscriptions, and yes, you can can even integrate it into your site (or client’s sites!) using their great API. Totally worth taking a look. It won’t cost you anything. Promise.

wiggioWiggio: Dude. If you’ve think you’ve collaborated online without Wiggio, you’ve got another thing coming. This site keeps you totally organized and has some of the most useful collaboration tools out there. Really. It’s kind of impossible not to stay on top of all of your projects with this thing. It’s totally free and my work would completely suffer without it.

FirebugFirebug: This is for the developer in you. Firebug takes the web and makes it malleable by letting you change/rebuild the CSS of any website. Imagine “view source” becoming interactive (and addictive!) and you’ve got Firebug. I won’t build a site without it, and generally I don’t even look at a website without even opening it once. I mean. Haven’t you always wanted to tweak the CSS of your Gmail account just for a giggle?

I’m always looking for the best stuff to integrate into my workflow. If you have something that you can’t live without and want to recommend it, feel free to give it a shout out in the comments.


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