About Alx

Father. Husband. Happiness.

alximageMy passion is making things work and my hobby is making it fun.

I’ve been in the marketing world since I managed my first direct mail campaign at age 12 and haven’t strayed far since. I’m a Store Harmonizer for Automattic, and love all things WordPress. While not making awesome things, I spend time with my awesome kids and their awesome mom.

Some things about me that you might not care about:
  • I look like a gnome and I probably act like one too
  • April Fools Day is by far my most favorite holiday
  • I’m double jointed in my left thumb
  • I can blow bubbles from my tongue with nothing more than the spit in my mouth.
  • My wife is from Texas and is the coolest woman that I’ve ever met
  • I have a Kurt Vonnegut tribute tattoo
  • My daughter is funnier than me
  • My son is smarter than me
  • I’m a left-handed, liberal, vegetarian, Jew
  • I’m fluent in Spanish, and have a degree in it
  • My dog, Falkor, has bad allergies
Some random (magical) skills that I have that mean nothing in the real world:
  • I’ve never bought a stamp. Every time I need one, I find one on the ground somewhere
  • I always know when the pizza delivery driver is arriving, before they call or knock
  • I can reach into a bag of laundry with my eyes closed and get the exact article of clothing that I was looking for
  • I can look at a mug with liquid in it and know exactly how many seconds to microwave it to get it to the exact temperature that I want
  • I can solve a Rubik’s Cube in 47 seconds, or 3.