Awesome Screenshot + Cloud App = Magic

In my work and in my life I take a lot of screenshots. A LOT of them. According to my logs, I take anywhere from 10-35 per day, half of which are usually annotated in one way or another.

Generally speaking, I need to create these on the fly. Whether it’s for Engineering Happiness or showing my wife that I did something cool, I need to make them quickly.

I’ve found an amazing combination of little apps that has made this process super simple, quick, and magical.

First and foremost, the best way to take a screenshot on a Mac is Cmd+Shift+4. This allows you to select the area of the screen and automatically save it to your desktop.

Cool, right? Well, sort of.

By saving an average of 22.5  screenshots to my desktop per day, I’d have to make cleaning up part of my daily routine or else I’d be overwhelmed with a messy desktop at the start of each day. Boo to that.

Luckily, we can fix that pretty easily with a Terminal command. The Terminal can be found under Applications → Utilities on your Mac.

Screen Shot 2013-05-05 at 9.54.01 AMI’ve created a folder on my desktop called Screenshots where all of my screenshots are automatically saved. If you want to do the same, launch the Terminal and enter this command (after you’ve created the folder, of course):

defaults write location ~/Desktop/Screenshots/

To make this stick, you need to enter one more command which is:

killall SystemUIServer

After you’ve done that, go ahead and give it a whirl. Cmd+Shift+4 yourself away and watch all of your screenshots be saved to a folder instead of directly to the Desktop.

Now that we have that out of the way, here’s where the amazing happens:

Awesome Screenshot is a screenshot annotation add-on for your favorite browser. I personally use the Firefox version, but they also have versions available for Chrome and Safari. This add-on allows you to capture all of the screen or part of the screen and circle, point, and text your way to descriptive annotations. It is super intuitive, and I’d recommend it to anyone. Oh, and it’s totally free.

Awesome Screenshot at work

Awesome Screenshot at work


Screen Shot 2013-05-05 at 7.06.27 AM

Cloud App Menu

Cloud App lets you upload and share files really easily. One of the most amazing features is  Auto Upload Screenshots, which means that each time you take a screenshot it automatically gets uploaded to your account and given a URL, which is automagically copied to your clipboard for easy sharing. You can upload and share almost any type of file with it, which is equally awesome.  Another cool thing is that you can use your own URL with it so that your sharing is more personal. I use the URL for my screenshots. They do have a free version, but I’ve found the need for the Pro version which is $3.75 per month. Totally worth it.

Now each of these on their own is super powerful and helpful in many ways, but what happens when you combine them? Magic. That’s what happens.

The flow of it is pretty simple, but totally powerful:

You’re on a page where you want to point something out to someone and you simply click the Awesome Screenshot icon in your browser. This opens up a new tab, where you can annotate away, making your screenshot. . . um. . . awesome. The next step is to Cmd+Shift+4 that puppy so it’s automatically saved to your Screenshots folder and uploaded to Cloud App. Once it’s automatically uploaded to Cloud App, you have a nice neat URL copied to your clipboard, ripe for sharing. Magic, I tell you, magic.

Here’s a quick video of the flow. It takes no time at all, and works great for quick sharing of ideas (Full-screen this bad-boy to really see it in action):

It’s About Respect

Yesterday, as the sun was shining and I was driving through Philly in my new(ish) car with the windows down, pumping NPR through my top-o-the-line stereo, I had an experience that hasn’t left my mind.

A man, dressed in a neatly pressed blue button down shirt and clean khakis, stood outside of my window. He held a cardboard sign in his hands and he looked at me with pure fear in his eyes. His sign read:

Homeless Father of 2. Lost everything. Will work. Please help. God is great.

He opened his mouth to ask me something, and I stared straight ahead, ignoring him completely. That was wrong, and I feel completely ashamed at the fact that I would do such a thing. Whether this man was sincere in his plea, or his “story” was fiction, is beyond the point. Another human approached me in a time of need, a time of desperation, a time of vulnerability, and I ignored him.

I don’t think that I’m alone in this reaction.

I have strong feelings about how I help the homeless citizens that I encounter. I’m willing (and often do) purchase food, smokes, drinks, and other small items for someone when they ask me for change outside of the Wawa. I don’t give money. I never give money.

But can I do more? Should I do more? Is it my burden or theirs? If it’s mine, where do I draw the line?

I’m ashamed. I’m a father of two. I count my lucky stars every day that I have been given the opportunities that I have, but should I feel guilty about that success?

I don’t have the answers here, but I can continue to search for them. I will, however, work towards changing my interaction. Each person deserves to be treated equally, regardless of their situation in life. It is not my place to ignore someone asking for help, rather, respond to them with sincerity, like I would with anyone else. My answer may be “no” or it may be “Can I buy you something to eat?” But it will be an answer. Giving respect is the absolute very least that I can do, but it’s an important thing to do.

This father of two did not deserve my disrespect. No one deserves that disrespect.

We’re in this life together and treating each person with respect, even if it’s to tell them that you won’t help them, is an important step in our collective future.