6 thoughts on “New Coworking Space

  1. Can I ask where this is aka is it too far to drive a couple times a week? I need to find a space outside my house for sanity and it would be cool to work alongside other a12s.


    • Ha! How cool would that be!? We’re actually looking for someone else to share the space.

      I guess distance is relative, really. It’s in the Brewerytown neighborhood of Philly, close to where I live. If you want to come down to co-work and check it out, just say the word!


  2. Oof, that’s a bit of a trek for a couple days a week from Reading. I guess I’ll just keep working on convincing my wife to move closer to the city. 🙂

    I might have to come down and check it out at least once though. It could be worth the drive. The exposed brick is gorgeous!


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