Time for reflection

We all need to reflect on where we are sometimes. For me, it’s this day. Every year.

It’s the day that I get one year older and one year wiser. I usually spend the days before my birthday thinking about all of the things that I’d like to change about my life, and then I try to spend my birthday itself thinking about all of the things that I love.

It creates a truly positive day and gives me the chance to be honest with myself about how content I really am with my station in life.

I just wanted to take a moment on this day to recognize out loud that I’m one lucky dude. I’m completely grateful for the friends and family that surround me at every turn, and completely honored to be a part of this existence. I absolutely love my life and the adventure that I’m on.

As I spend today reflecting on the positives, I just have to say, this is one heck of a ride and couldn’t be more content.

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